About TLB Tanzania

TLB - The Tanzania League of the Blind is the only national Non-governmental Organization operated by the Blinds and visually impaired themselves in Tanzania. TLB has around 20,000 members nationwide.

TLB was founded in 1964 by the blind students of Manoleo Vocational Training Center (VTC) in Tabora Region as a forum to discuss the problems they encountered and also for voicing their grievances against hostile regime of the centre and for the equalization of opportunities for the blind and visually impaired people in Tanzania.
The organization grew up and became a nation organization following its registration in 1972 under the Societies Ordinance Cap. 337 of 1959 No. 5034.

The main concern of the organization, inter-alia, is the promotion of the welfare of the blind and visually impaired people in Tanzania. Today, the organization stands as a pressure group towards the Government, Institutions and the community at large on matters related to education, rehabilitation, social services and equalization of opportunities of the persons with visual disability.

TLB also aims at changing negative attitudes of the community towards blinds and visually impaired.

In most countries including Tanzania people with disabilities are oppressed and marginalized by social attitudes originating from fear and prejudice.

All TLB activities are based on the principle of equality of every human being. Blind and visually impaired people need equal rights and opportunities to participate in the decision - making in all areas of society, regardless of disabilities.